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Custance, John - Adventure into the Unconscious - In touch with Spirit helpers



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In order to obtain guidance, John 'prayed', perhaps in what many religious people might perceive to be an unorthodox way, but the communication was intended to be spiritual.  In the following quote he rather humbly thanks his helper or helpers for what they have done for him so far, but also asks for some more guidance.

In his depressed state he appears to lose contact with his guides.  In effect, when he is elated and manic, the doors are open to the spiritual world, when he is down and depressed, it appears as though the doors are closed and he gets very little help. 

A description of the experience

John Custance – Adventure into the Unconscious

In my manic or elated phases, Powers – I call them Powers, though often I can put names to them too – take complete charge of me and I act almost entirely on impulse. ....

John   Signal to all concerned:  Arrived in Paris safely thanks to the splendid work of those responsible for my travel arrangements under the control of the Spirit.  All contacts functioning perfectly.  Am badly in need of cash.  Please signal most appropriate means of obtaining same – via Teddy or via Rosica query

Reply from the Office of the Heavenly Host  Both will do, one from the Left Bank and one from the Right Bank.  Don't forget you have one foot in each camp.  Signed :  Peter

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Custance, John

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