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Voices telling her dreadful stories



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from the Hearing Voices Network

A truly wonderful post as it explains a lot of where voices come from as well as what causes them.

The voice is that of a girl who is able to go out of body to escape appalling levels of abuse.  The amount of emotion being generated acts like a power signal for her thoughts and the person who provided the post was able to pick them up.

The signals may be so strong that the girl picking up the signal may need to do very little to get them.  Why the first girl chose this particular girl to communicate with we don't know, but there seems to have been some kind of attraction - perhaps it was indeed because she was 'too nice' - which is actually a good thing.

Strictly speaking, I suppose, she is a disembodied soul when the communication occurs, but the term disembodied soul is intended to mean someone who is permanently without their body, because they are deceased.  This lass is clearly living.

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Voices telling her stories

Postby Meadow » Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:35 pm

I was wondering if anyone else's voice told them stories or any information about there background like mine has.

The voice name Is La Donna she said her mother gave her to her uncle & he molested her from the time she was 17 months old until she was 16 or 17 then her turn her loose.

She claims she was used in dozens of pedophile films and was a child hooker. She says she has slept with over 5000 ppl. She claims her uncle was her pimp and protected her from being killed and she never turn him in to the cops and that the child prostitute ring she was in was filled with kidnapped kids who were mostly murder, or pass around the world.

This is odd for me because i have suffer no sexual abuse at all but someone of this nature would be in my head.

She also says she lives in my state and found how to transport her spirit from trying to escape being raped so many times.

i can feel her present when she does her spiritual thing. I can barely hear her anymore because i blocked her out with music but those were the things she would say when i would ask her why me, why she wont leave me alone. I guess i was too nice to her.

Has anyone else ever experience their voices telling them stories and giving them reasons they hang on to you???

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The Hearing Voices Network

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