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Veruska’s Dream Visit in Auschwitz



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Dr Madaleine Lawrence - Reports of Transpersonal Events During Catastrophic Events Near-Death Experience - During a War

Veruska’s Dream Visit in Auschwitz

Vera Bein, a Jewish woman from Hungary, and her husband were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, in southern Poland on May 25, 1944. Vera was 25 years old and 2 months pregnant. On the railway platform, instead of being selected for the gas chambers, Vera was assigned to work details. She worked in the storeroom sorting confiscated belongings of the Auschwitz victims and then assigned kitchen duty, eating potato peels, soup made from grass, and a slice of bread a day.

During this time, most prisoners were malnourished and abused. Pregnant women and their fetuses and infants were often beaten, torn apart by dogs, and even burned alive. None were allowed to survive except for those participating in medical experiments. Abortions were frequently performed in secret by Jewish doctors to save the lives of pregnant women.

Vera was approached to have such an abortion. Here is her description of her NDV from her mother who came to her in a dream. She told her,

Veruska, you are eight months pregnant, and you don’t do this, because (the fetus is) alive already and ready to leave. Believe in God and Hashem will be with you. Maybe a miracle will happen. But don’t do it.

Vera declined the doctor’s offer to have the abortion and on December 21, 1944, her baby girl, Angela, was born. The baby was undersized and too weak to cry but able to nurse. She was kept hidden until the Soviet Red Army troops liberated the camp on January 27, 1945. Both mother and daughter survived for many years.

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