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A death in Egypt and a visit to the children in England



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Death and its Mystery, At the Moment of Death; Manifestations and Apparitions of the Dying – Camille Flammarion
from Glimpses of the Supernatural – Dr F G Lee – volume II

A husband and wife – the husband holding a rather high position in India – were returning to England after an absence of four years, there to rejoin the children left in the mother country, when the young wife fell ill in Egypt.

The ill woman manifested the most alarming symptoms and her weakness was soon such that all hope of saving her had to be abandoned.

Her only preoccupation was an immense longing to see her children again, a longing she did not cease to voice to those nursing her.

Day after day, for more than a week, her aspirations and her prayers had only this one object; she would die happy she said again and again, if this longing could be satisfied.

The morning of the day on which the ship had once more gone on its way towards Europe, the young woman fell into a profound sleep.  During these long hours of sleep she lay perfectly calm and tranquil.  A short time after twelve, however, she awakened suddenly, crying ‘I saw them all the same.  I saw them! God be praised!’

She slept again until the evening; then she breathed her last.

The children of this dying woman were being educated in Torquay, in charge of a friend of the family.  On that day they were playing each amusing himself in his own way with books and playthings watched over by a nursemaid who had never seen their parents.  Suddenly the mother, just as she had done in former days, came into the room, stopped, looked smilingly at each of the children for some moments, passed into the next room, then disappeared.

The three oldest recognised her at once and were greatly disturbed by this silent apparition.  The youngest child and the nursemaid saw a woman clothed in white go into the smallest room and immediately disappear.

The date of this manifestation – September 10th 1854 – was carefully noted and it was established later that the two occurrences coincided exactly.

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