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Ralph Shirley - The Mystery of the Human Double – The dream a clergyman has at midday is acted out at home to his wife and servant



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 2


This is again a case of a joint hallucination, and telepathic communication between all three.  The father is sending a message via the dream of his return

A description of the experience

The Mystery of the Human Double – Ralph Shirley

This instance was cited some time ago by a correspondent of the Daily Telegraph

My father, a clergyman, was away from home on a locum tenancy, and one day when my mother was in her bedroom, on looking out of the window, she saw him, bag in hand, walking rapidly down the path through a shrubbery leading to the house. He was not expected home, and in great surprise she proceeded to leave the room with the intention of going down to greet him. Halfway up the stairs she encountered the servant, who immediately said, 'Please, mum, here's master'. I may mention that the servant was engaged at the time in laying the cloth for lunch in the dining-room, which room also looked out on the front of the house.

"I need not relate the utter astonishment of both to find it was a mistake. My father did not return until some days afterwards, at the time intended. When told of the incident he recollected a distinct dream that he had had of returning home. The dream took place on the beach at midday, he having dropped off to sleep for a few minutes. This was verified as to the day by referring to a diary which he always kept. Thus it may be inferred that the vision seen was accounted for, and that the dreamer was actually there in spirit.'

The source of the experience

Shirley, Ralph

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