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Fox, Oliver - The black magician and shutting the Door



Type of Spiritual Experience


The following describes the door between the ‘physical’ and the spiritual -   William Blake’s Door of perception

If the communication is in words and sentences it is a bodied or disembodied soul.  If the communication is symbolic, or uses words as puns, or is simply a ‘thought’ without words – an impression conveyed, communication is with a Spirit being , Spirit helper or Intelligence.

I think his teachers were bodied.

A description of the experience

A Record of Out of the Body Experiences – Oliver Fox

….I started a long investigation into the powers of a most remarkable medium, who had, however, the rather unenviable reputation of being a black magician…..In his company I had many adventures –  And I met and conversed with the group of spiritual beings who manifested through my friend.  Their teachings were extraordinary, and their spiritual grade seemed very high.

They told me they had sealed my ‘Door’ because I was becoming attuned to psychic forces which might sweep me away before my work on earth was done.

The source of the experience

Fox, Oliver

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