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Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi – Telepathy and the chakras



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From Energetic Medicine: New Science of Healing by Aymen Fares,  July 26th, 2011 ·

Telepathy usually affects, in different ways, the different chakras. Mostly, telepathy in which companions are connected or related by their emotions or by the imagination is due to the manipura centre (solar plexus) receiving that telepathy. The person who has awakened the manipura is very sensitive, can be affected by other people very easily and finds it easy to receive information from ‘outside’. They can easily be influenced by the power of the other person and information can easily come in. However if a person has awakened the ajna chakra [the energy centre between the eyebrows] the telepathy is very different. Then it is a very pure, intellectual telepathy and very clear, whereas the telepathy given through the manipura chakra is very much connected with the emotions and with a person’s own imagination. Sometimes it can be mixed with unconscious thoughts. If either the manipura or the ajna centre is awakened, it is possible to both receive telepathy or send telepathic transmission at will to others. However in the case where the svadisthana chakra [the sacral centre] is awakened, all such people have some telepathic ability and can receive some information from others, but the ability is only spontaneous; they cannot control it at will and cannot send telepathic thoughts to others. So if people say they sometimes have intuition or telepathy but they cannot control it at will, that means their telepathy mostly belongs to the svadisthana chakra, and is very raw.

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Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi

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