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Tholen, Warner – Finds the valuable stencil box of F J Erkelens from Boskoop



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

Croiset's protege, Warner Tholen, of Emmelcoord, is more interested in finding missing objects than the master himself.

When a businessman, F. J. Erkelens, in the town of Boskoop, telephoned Dr. Tenhaeff on May 7th, 1959, and reported that his company, which imported office machines, had lost an important box of typed stencils, including the original, the parapsychologist referred him to Tholen, who lived in that area.

"Is there a flat roof near your factory or office?" asked the paragnost on the telephone.

"We work in the house we live in," replied the businessman. "But our neighbour's house has a flat roof.”

"Have you got a long table?”

"Yes, we have long tables along the walls where we work.”

"What is that light green, that bluish green I see?”

"We have many stencil boxes. Their colour is light green.”

"What is the thing I see standing in the middle of your floor?"

"That is a wooden cabinet. On top is the stencil machine, and underneath it are partitions with stencil boxes like the missing one."

"Have a good look there and phone me back”, the paragnost confidently advised.

"Immediately after this conversation”, relates businessman Erkelens, 'I found the lost stencil box among the hundreds of others which were stored in this wooden cabinet. The label had been marked incorrectly, which is why we had overlooked it during our preceding search.”

"This was another clear case of telepathy”, observed Dr. Tenhaeff.  "The paragnost drew from the psyche of the consultant. He realized that the man had put the missing stencil box there but had forgotten about it. Yet the paragnost subconsciously knew, through his latent knowledge, that the stencil box would be in that place. There are also numerous cases of people who see in their dreams where missing objects are hidden."

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Tholen, Warner

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