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McMoneagle, Joe - Remote views



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Joe McMoneagle - the Stargate Chronicles

We received our first alert for targeting around midnight one evening in the middle of the week. We had all just gone to bed.  he woke me up and we proceeded to the kitchen, where we set up on the kitchen table and I spent about thirty minutes speaking into a recording device and attempting to sketch the target location, at the same time taping Nevin's snoring, since he fell asleep at the table.

The targeting materials that I was given consisted of an unlined three-by-five-inch index card. Written on the card was a nine-digit Social Security number. Whoever called had given Nevin the number over the phone and he had written it onto the card. The only information I was given was "This is the number for an agent who is located  somewhere in America. Describe the agent, describe where the agent is standing, and tell us what the agent is doing."

My results were very difficult to understand, as they had a very Star Wars quality. The information I was getting was so complicated as to be almost undeterminable. All the material seemed to have something to do with small particles of energy-packets of material, which were being moved around. Eventually, I gave up trying to draw the device I was sensing and simply stated that it was a machine for accelerating electrons. We were given no feedback until we completed the entire simulation of three separate sites.

The second targeting took place a few days later, sometime around midmorning. Again, I was handed the index card and asked to describe where the agent was standing. I stated that he was standing in the middle of a field of rolling hills. I described the field as containing large wind generators and some form of underground power grid.

The third time, I put the agent in the corner of a very complex area, which appeared to be industrial in nature. I said there were multiple buildings, some of which included underground areas and interconnecting underground corridors. I pointed out that the significant building of interest was a very large T:shaped building, seven stories in height, with a smaller building located on the roof. I stated that I felt the building was probably called or labeled 'A building"- or at least that is what I would call it. I reported that the agent was standing on the upper floor, in the center of the front of the building in a main office area.

'We were not provided feedback until after the entire mission was completed, but later found out that the first target location in which the agent was standing was inside the Stanford Linear Accelerator-a place where they accelerate electrons. The second target location was a large field of wind generators on hills in southern California and drawn with what the customer called near perfect accuracy. The last location was the main office building that is actually called 'A Building" at the headquarters for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

This drawing and description was accurate enough to provide a clear representation and identification of the location, making it possible to identify the Laboratory West Gate entry area and main building-all three of these being places I'd never seen before.

The results of all three remote viewing cases were forwarded to the agency that requested the information and an assessment of accuracy was independently performed by that agency.

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McMoneagle, Joe

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