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Brian Keenan – Four Quarters of Light - Debra heals the hurt of Brian 2



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Brian Keenan – Four Quarters of Light

Throughout our descent Debra's disembodied voice behind me explained many different aspects of working with the other-world spirits. It was a powerful place, and also a dangerous zone. It must never be taken lightly nor misused. It was a contract between the individual and his or her spirit adviser; it in no way impaired our freedom or our life in this world, though it would unquestionably redirect its course.

 She spoke of the persons one might encounter in the spirit world. All would not be helpful because some of them are lost themselves. She hinted at changes or sacrifices I might have to make. She was passionate about how the ego was the greatest impediment to understanding, to progressing one's understanding and to the ability to ‘travel’ in the spirit world.

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