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Cayce, Edgar - An angel with a message



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


Combined communication with a suitable overlaid picture to help him feel at ease with the spirit


A description of the experience

Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

One Sunday, Edgar came home from church, particularly stirred by the day's message. He slipped off into the woods and spent the afternoon reading his Bible and praying for the chance to heal the sick. His mind was still full of the fervour when he went to bed that night.

Some time after midnight, he became aware that the room was suffused with a strange radiance brighter than the light of the full moon. He sat up sharply and saw a figure standing at the foot of his bed. It was a woman, and he thought first it was his mother. He started to speak, and the figure seemed to melt away.

Edgar jumped out of bed and ran to his mother’s room. His first thought was that someone was ill, and she needed him.

Both his mother and father were sound asleep, and the babies were quiet. He went back to his bed, trembling, not knowing what he had seen, but frightened by it.

As he lay down, the radiance returned, growing brighter, until it paled the moonlight. Suddenly the figure was back again. It was a woman, and on her back were curving shadow shapes, like the angels' wings in the Bible pictures. He tried to speak but his mouth was dry, his breath locked with fright.

The woman smiled. "Don't be afraid ..Thy prayers are heard. You will have your wish if you will remain faithful.  Be true to yourself. Help the sick, the afflicted."

The light faded, and she was gone. Edgar ran outside into the moonlit yard and fell on his knees to give thanks for the vision and the promise.

After breakfast the next morning, he drew his mother aside and told her what had happened.

She hugged him joyfully. "I knew you were meant for a great work, son…. but do try harder to study your books and not upset your father”.

The source of the experience

Cayce, Edgar

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