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Dr Eugene Osty – A Summary of Eighty séances around a single case history – 07 February 20th 1922 to April 15th 1922



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

February, 20th, 1922.

M. Louis M., passing through Paris, was curious to have his life delineated by Mme P., a metagnomic subject (waking), with whom I had experimented for some months with very good results. Among other things relating to him she said this:

"You fear that your dark-haired son is dead a sudden death . he was wounded in the head he was far away . . he might have been saved. He had recently seen you, and had written just before he was killed. You would like to think that he is not dead your wife sometimes thinks him dead and sometimes that he may be living . he might have been saved."

March 25th, 1922.

M. Pierre M. visited the same sensitive for the first time, and in the course of the delineation of his life she only said these few words relating to his brother:

" . . . There has been a death in your family, in a foreign country . or in battle. . . ."

On finding quite recently a page from a notebook by Lieut. Jean, written when he was a law-student, I wished to know what Mme M- would say now that all hope is extinct; and I asked Mlle Fanny G. to put this paper into the hands of the sensitive and write down exactly what she might say.

April 15th, 1922.

Mlle F. G. gave, in the first place, a letter from M. Louis M., the father. Mme M-- said,

"I see a man, light hair, grey-blue eyes, clear complexion he has been in great trouble a break in his life, much sorrow . a sudden blow . , . the death of some one near him, a tragic death, as if accidental . . . a terrible shock. I see a road, a great extent of landscape, and soldiers; yes, uniforms round that man . . . it is not really a death he fell.

(At this moment the sensitive stopped speaking and made fruitless efforts. Mlle F. G. took away M. M.'s letter and replaced it by the page from Jean's notebook.)

“ . . . I see him quite clearly, they carry him away; he is living. His eyes are empty of thought, there seems to be a wound on the side of his head, his face is reddened with blood . . they carry him slowly . . . strangers are carrying him he is with these people a long time . he does not see them, his brain is vacant . . . it is now long since. I see snow . . . it is far in the past . but there is a present, a return . his life returns to full daylight."

"Where is this person, describe the place and his surroundings?"

"It is cold, he is with several others suffering like himself. I affirm this. . . . I see gleams of clearer thought in his brain, then great joy in-the brain of the other person, a near relation, like a father. . The whole family is overjoyed. . . . I see a young man who is like him, and a whole group. This -snow country is connected with what is happening just now”

(The Genoa Conference had then been announced.)

"What is happening will decide much for these sufferers . . . it seems to be a sad page from the story of the war . his father suffers, but he has a slight hope . he doubts, and sometimes thinks there is no hope. But he should keep that hope, otherwise I should say, 'you must mourn for him.' There are strangers round him, but not strangers only. . I see him well, darker complexion and darker hair than his father. . There are Sisters of Mercy, or seem such, blue and white dresses . he speaks, he remembers the past . . his return will be not by his own act .  There is a group of young Frenchmen like him . he was 22 or 24 years old when he fell . . he remembers that it was cold when he was wounded. . . ."

"I remember to have seen this man . . but I never had this vision of him . . . it is the last place before his return. . . ."

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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