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Didier, Alexis – Helps the manager of the Mont-de-Piete find a thief



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Flammarion, C., Carroll, L, - Death and its mystery:

The second sight of the somnambulist Alexis, hypnotized by Macillet, has been appreciated by all those who have studied these questions. Here is one of his most remarkable revelations. The testimony is almost official, that of the manager of the Mont-de-Piete who in this capacity had been the victim of a robbery, the author of which was discovered and arrested largely through the revelations of the famous medium. The account is contained in a letter that Monsieur Prevost himself sent to the editor of the paper "I-re Pays," in the following words:

It was in 1849, in August, that one of my employees disappeared, carrying with him a large sum.  The most active search of the police was without success, when one of my friends, Monsieur Linstant, a lawyer, went to consult Alexis, without letting me know of his plan.

“The sum stolen," said the somnambulist, "is very considerable.  It almost reaches two hundred thousand francs."

That was correct. Alexis continued, saying that the dishonest clerk was named Dubois, and that he saw him at Brussels, at the Hotel des Princes, whither he had gone.  Linstant left for Brussels. He learned on his arrival that Dubois had indeed stayed at the Hotel des Princes, but that a few hours before he had left the city.

Alexis declared that he saw Dubois at the gambling-house at Spa, that he was losing a great deal of money and that when arrested he would not have any left.

That very evening the narrator set off, but at Brussels he was so delayed by the legal formalities he had to go through in order to arrest his thief that he arrived at Spa only to learn that the man he was after had left the city a few days before.

After he had once more returned to Paris, he went again to see AIexis.

'You haven't much persistence" he told me. “To tell the truth, Dubois went to Aix-la-Chapelle. He continued to play, for he had lost heavily; just now he has returned to Spa, where he will lose in play the little that remains to him”.

I wrote immediately to the authorities of Brussels and Spa, and a few days later Dubois was arrested at Spa. He had lost everything in gambling.

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Didier, Alexis

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