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Vaughan, Dr Alan – Douglas Johnson correctly prophesies a future book



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan

Three of the mediums predicted that I would be writing more than one book and a fourth Douglas Johnson, gave' some details about a second book on August 24, 1967:

"I can see what looks like a doctor's office . . . this is, I'm quite sure, a psychologist. . . . But I feel that you are in some way going to be involved with him, and there's going to be some kind of collaboration. It's something that might turn into a book. .

 And definitely this book is connected in some way with ESP. And I get the feeling this could be very helpful and successful for both of you. I think the man's difficulty will be to find the time. He might be about thirty-five to forty or in the forties."

The theme of collaborating on a book also appeared in a sitting with Stanley Poulton on September 14, 1967,

Have you abandoned, have you put aside something to do where writing is concerned? ("Yes.") It's just as if I've put it aside, but with the intention of returning to it. This to me is a right thing again. . . . It can be put aside until I'm sure of what I'm writing there. Are you linked up with two other people in this? I want to link two other people with you, make it three of you. People that will be very instrumental in cooperating with you. . . . They seem to be aiding you, cooperating with you in it. I would very much watch for them, because I know very much that there will be a link up with a very good man in this. Helping you in the cause of interest that he has, outside of his medical knowledge, and yet cooperating with you. He will definitely be in America. . . . I feel quite sure that there has been contact, but in a very casual way. More as one would meet someone at a gathering or something of this nature.

The fulfilment of these prophecies was published in 1973: a book entitled Dream Telepathy, by Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner, with AIan Vaughan (Turnstone, 1973).

Dr. Krippner seems to be the psychologist described by Johnson, since at the time of the sitting he was about thirty- five. I had met him and Dr. Ullman at Mrs. Garrett's conference a few months before the sitting.

Poulton's reference to "medical knowledge" may apply to Dr. Ullman since he is a psychiatrist and the director of the Maimonides Medical Center's Mental Health Center. Definite plans for the book did not come into being until about four years after the sittings. Books with three authors are something of a rarity. Books with three authors about ESP are singularly rare.

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Johnson, Douglas

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