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Grandpa, grandma and Uncle Willie



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


Not sure from the description whether it was a vision or hallucination

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The Boy who saw True

May 21st

When papa came home this evening I was reading a book called the Pickwick Papers by Dickens, which I found in the drawing-room. But papa took it away from me because he said I should learn a lot of bad words out of it, and he got me another book from the shelf instead, by Walter Scott. I was vexed about this because when I saw pictures in it of people killing each other, I didn't fancy it much, though I couldn’t say so to papa. ………… books about people dying make me cry, though I know it's silly, because I know they don't die really. Grandpapa and grandmamma and Uncle Willie look much nicer now when I see them (as spirits) than they did before (when they were " on earth ") . , . I had just written that down, when all at once I saw Grandpa standing there and nodding, and saying, " Quite right, my lad, and we are much happier too." And then he said 'you persevere with that writing, sonny; and, mark my words, it will be printed one day, and help to lighten the darkness.  Now don't you forget what your old grandpapa says'. After that he went away. But I don’t know what he means by helping to lighten the darkness, though I shall persevere with my diary, I will that.

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The Boy who saw True

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