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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Arthur, James D - 04 Experience



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There is the very real danger that the alternative reality becomes so compelling that you don’t want to come back.  I have known this feeling using other methods and you truly need a helper then.  I was all ready to carry on going further and further in and further and further away.  My helper’s voice was getting  more and more faint and apparently I was getting stiller and stiller with my breathing down to next to nothing – I was also apparently stone cold.  The helper is key, someone must be there to get you back………………

A description of the experience

Salvia Divinorum – J D Arthur

My second excursion was incredible. I was already feeling a strong afterglow from the first  experience, when I began the second round of smoking. Everything seemed already accessible, and I knew exactly where to go and what to do. It was almost as if I rode the afterglow behind my eyes, back to its source. It seemed to expedite and clarify the experience. I went in very deeply and strongly and was able to surrender myself to a very great degree. I seemed to be floating in a black or starry sky. The feeling of the presences was paramount.

There was an older woman, not unlike other personages I've encountered before. She seemed very similar to the woman who once told me I was accepted.  She was doing something to my floating body, and seemed to be wrapping it, again, not unlike a cocoon, but using some sheetlike material. She told me in a matter-of-fact tone that if she was going to teach me she would need more time, and that I would have to stay longer, period.

This had some implication of language, as if she would instruct me through teaching me their language. The sense I got from her statement was that I was on the verge of letting go to an even greater extent and that this might allow them to take me for a longer period. The implication was that I should make arrangements, over here, for that occurrence. It was as if she were advising me to have someone here watching my body, in effect, so that I'd feel free to stay for an extended period. Without this extended stay, nothing would be possible.

As I emerged from the salvia, I felt as though I’d had a profound connection and invitation. I also saw, for the first time, how this might be possible. Perhaps the salvia and attendant presences could usher one into a trance that would extend beyond the duration of the salviaic trance. If this were the case, anything would be possible.

All of a sudden the reality of the other world and its inhabitants would wash over me like an icy wave. It would become disturbingly apparent that this realm of experience is the real one. This world is the real world - not the contrived world of personality, ideas, and thoughts that insulates us from the infinite - that coddles us into clinging desperately to the known.

What was beginning to happen was an almost syntactical transformation of the others from the third person to the second person.  Shortly after smoking, as the foundation of my world was beginning to crumble, I would be "taken." There's almost no other way to characterize it - I felt as if I were being literally whisked away to something indescribable. My guides were also becoming more present than ever before.

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Arthur, James D

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