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Burt, Sir Cyril - Communication after death



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from The 17th Frederic W H Myers memorial lecture 1968 by Sir Cyril Burt

A friend of mine, a member of a spiritualist circle which I occasionally attended, died suddenly of a cerebral embolism.

A few days afterwards an ostensible communication from him was delivered at a seance by another member who was a trance medium.

Having announced his name and greeted everyone, the supposed communicator continued:

"At about half past two last sunday, I lay down and fell asleep, as I often did and started dreaming that I was floating away from the earth on a ki d of space trip.

Presently I found myself surrounded by my parents and my little daughter, and then by many other dear friends who had passed over.

O began to ask myself if and where I had landed, but could see no land, only the faces of my fellows........ It was all very much like one of the many vivid dreams I have had before; but it is still going on"


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Burt, Sir Cyril

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