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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto - Mamma, little brother keeps on calling Ray



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 4


A description of the experience

Death and its Mystery: After Death – Camille Flammarion

This account was taken from the "Proceedings" of the English Society for Psychical Research (Volume XI, page 428) and was investigated by Bozzano as a case of auto-premonition on the part of a child two years and seven months old. His little brother, who had died when eight months old, appeared to him. In the following words the mother told of the apparitions:

 Is there a life beyond the grave? If I had doubted that there is, my doubts would have been banished by the “visions” of which I was a witness. In 1883 I was the happy mother of two beautiful and vigorous children. The elder was two years and seven months old; the other was a little angel eight months old.

I lost him on August 6, 1883, and was left with little Ray, who was then enjoying perfect health. Nevertheless, after the day on which his little brother died, he acquired a habit of saying to me several times a day, ”Mamma, little brother's calling Ray."

He would often interrupt his play and, run to me, calling out his habitual sentence, “Mamma, little brother keeps on calling Ray.”

And during the night, he would wake me up and repeat the same words: “Mamma, little brother really calling Ray; he wants to have him with him. But you’re crying! Why? You mustn't cry when Ray goes away with little brother, because little brother wants him to.”

One day when I was having the drawing-room cleaned, he came running out of the dining-room, where the chair stood which had belonged to his little dead brother. I had never seen him so excited; he seized the hem of my skirt, and drew me toward the dining-room crying: “Mamma, Mamma, come quickly and see little brother sitting in his chair."

 Just as he was opening the door to show him to me, he cried, ”Oh, Mamma, you ought to have come faster. He isn't there anymore! If you’d seen how he smiled at Ray when Ray passed near him! Ray’s going away with him; but you mustn't cry, Mamma."

 A short time afterward our little child fell seriously ill; our care and our tears were unavailing. On October 13, 1883, two months and seven days after his brother's death, he died also. His intelligence was developed far beyond his years.

The source of the experience

Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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