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The concept of the saint is described within the 'character' concept.  This has no relation to the saints designated by the catholic church as these are simply titles assigned to people who by their lives gave publicity and brought in more money and supporters to the church.  Yeats' saint was wholly different

A description of the experience

W B Yeats – A Vision

Hunchback  Stand up and lift your hand and bless
A man that finds great bitterness
In thinking of his lost renown
A Roman Caesar is held down
Under this hump

Saint  God tries each man
According to a different plan
I shall not cease to bless because
I lay about me with the taws
That night and morning I may thrash
Greek Alexander from my flesh
Augustus Caesar and after these
That great rogue Alcibiades

Hunchback  To all that in your flesh have stood
And blessed, I give my gratitude
Honoured by all in their degrees
But most to Alcibiades

The source of the experience

Yeats, Georgie

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