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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 14 First experiments with automatic writing



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I don't think he was communicating with disembodied souls I think this was a form of accessing group perceptions, which because it was a first experiment was rather out of control.

There is the possibility that high emotion attracted high emotion

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The Link – Matthew Manning

On 6th June I asked six of my school friends to join me in the evening for an experiment.  For ten minutes in a darkened study I sat with a pen in my hand at a desk, hoping to be able to start writing on the paper. To my disappointment nothing happened. Five minutes later I tried again, this time with my pen on the paper, rather than above it.

This seemed to be the secret: soon my hand began to move across the paper, producing a spidery writing in the form of a short sentence that read:

"I need help now. You cannot get me. Help. Please."

Pleased with the result, I tried again and produced in the same handwriting:

"Danger. Stop."

This warning did not dampen my inquisitiveness and I continued.  A third sentence appeared which read:

"If you do not you will," and it tailed off into illegible writing, until the next sentence that read:

"5 am not knife."

None of this made any sense, so I wrote on the paper:

"Who is this?"

"Joseph West 1783.Get the dog. I need you to help soon. Fire.  Fire. Fire 11th June. I too high so die when I need your help soon. Danger of fire when coot dog. Get me soon I beg you."

The writing became more illegible and I asked the entity to explain further what it meant, and the answer came through:

"See your bed too late when into the fire. Do not get the dog on the 19th June. Glass to be dropped into fire. Get fields on 19th June past second you and get it with you two."……….

I continued writing such "messages" and they were all similar in content for some time. It was becoming obvious though that whenever I did automatic writing, the poltergeist phenomena would temporarily cease. Within a week or two the messages appeared to become more coherent and I received messages such as:

"Henry Taylor has a fine brown horse in yonder field which I must take to Barnstable fair at first light. She will fall old mare, she will fall by ye. bridge if you look out of your windows tonight. Poor beast how she suffered in that storm."

One day I wrote down:

"Je suis Marie Anne Lebourgoir. Je te verrai ce soir dans la piece.  Marie Anne Lebourgoir."

The messages mostly seemed to originate from people who had met an unpleasant end or from spirits who could not comprehend that they were no longer living on earth. Two such messages which I received early on illustrate this quite clearly:

"Roger Legault hangs by his wrenched neck in the bottom of my basement. If you find him do not tell the peelers ….."

Another one in French read:

"J'ai dis que je ne suis pas mort. En Suisse entrain. Non je ne suis pas mort”.

The source of the experience

Manning, Matthew

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