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Professor David H Hufford and the Sitting ghost



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Opening Heaven's Door  - Patricia Pearson

David J Hufford, professor at Penn State College of Medicine, is the world's leading expert on this [sitting ghosts] phenomenon. Hufford discovered it through his own out-of-the-blue experience in the 1960s.

"I was a sophomore in college. I'd gone to bed early after my last final exam. I was very tired. Being sleep deprived makes this more likely. I woke up hearing the door of my apartment open, and I thought it's probably somebody coming to see if I want to go for dinner. I heard footsteps coming across the room. And then I found I couldn't move, and that was very frightening. Then I felt the bed press down as if somebody was climbing up on it; then I felt what felt like someone kneeling on my chest, and then I felt hands on my throat. I thought I was being killed. It was horrible. I had a feeling of revulsion and terror about this thing on my chest, not just because it was trying to kill me, but also because it seemed evil. I struggled to move, and when I did move it was gone. I leaped out of bed and nothing was there.
That is a very typical sleep paralysis experience".

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