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Lethbridge, T C - ESP Beyond Time and Distance – Sexing dead beetles using the pendulum



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Lethbridge found a way of using the pendulum to determine the sex of objects, or at least he thought he had.  The problem with his experiments are that he knew the sex before he started as such the pendulum could easily have been acting on his sub-conscious.  The experiments should not be dismissed, however, as the very fact his sub-conscious and Higher spirit affected the pendulum is in part an indication of how the pendulum works – it is through tapping in to information the conscious mind may not be aware of

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T C Lethbridge – ESP Beyond Time and Distance

In spite of a protection by napthalene, the little plague of zoological collections, the museum beetle, had been at work and many specimens were only represented by heaps of dust. However, enough remained for my purpose.

The large water-beetle, Dytiscus marginalis, is very well protected all over with chitinous armour. It is also incidentally noted for its power of flying long distances to small ponds. It did not take many moments to see that I had examples of both male and female beetles, who can be at once recognized by differences on their fore-feet.

The pendulum diagnosed the sex rate correctly. It was the same with another common beetle, Timarcha tenebricosa, which is popularly known as the 'bloody nose'. Chrysomela banksi did the same and so did all beetles which I tried. Beetles then retain this sex rate for at least forty-five years after death.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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