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Kahuna - Using the death prayer



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The Secret Science Behind Miracles – Max Freedom Long

a man  ventured to try his Christian prayers and faith against the magic of a local kahuna who had challenged him and had promised to pray his congregation of Hawaiians to death, one by one to show that his beliefs were more practical and genuine than the superstitions of the Christians.

I even saw the diary of the earnest but misguided gentleman.  In it he reported the death, one by one, of members of his flock, then the sudden desertion of the remaining members.  The pages for many days were left blank in the diary at this point, but his daughter told me how the desperate missionary went afield, learned the use of the magic employed in the death prayer and secretly made the death prayer for the challenging kahuna.

The kahuna had not expected such a turning of the tables and had taken no precautions against attack.  He died in 3 days

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