Spiritual concepts

Death prayer

This is a most unpleasant form of Environmental control.

It works principally by a form of combined Inter composer communication and then control of the functions of the body. 

The person issuing the prayer first gains contact with the composer of the other person via a bridge - for example hair, clothes, saliva etc.  Once the bridge has been made, their composer communicates with the person's composer in 'subliminal' fashion.

Generally speaking a Higher spirit [of which the composer is a part], will not let this happen, but the person who wishes the prayer to work will make it known that a death prayer has been issued.  This then creates huge emotion in the victim and the autonomic systems and other systems are affected as a result. 

To a large extent, the person themselves brings about their own death, as they lose the will to live.  By losing the will to live they allow inter composer communication to continue and the continual messages from the death prayer issuer works subliminally via perceptions, whilst the conscious perceptions work at this level.

Sir Arthur Grimble - A Pattern of Islands
The sorcerers took care to back their rituals with something more than words. They knew a good deal about fish-poisons, and also about the blistering secretion of the cantharides fly, which swarms among the coconut blossom. And even when no such adventitious aid was used, there was always man's fear working on the
side of the sorcerer. It is an eerie thing to know yourself cursed, even if you are a European. A brown man with sixty generations of terror-struck belief whispering in his blood, and no trust any more in the saving love of his ancestors, and not yet any deep hold on the comforts of his new religion, was easy meat for the death- magic. The sorcerers had little to learn in practice about the murderous force of autosuggestion.

The only way to counteract it in a victim is to get the person's Higher spirit to cut off all communication and thus to convince the person that there is no more control.  this can be done via Ritual and Ceremony, Hypnosis and a whole host of benign ways that reach the person's subconscious to get it to believe it is now safe.  Once it believes it is safe, it will be safe.

Issuing a death prayer is not without its dangers to the issuer.  Once the 'safe' state has been reached in the victim, it is possible to reverse the prayer, and very often the effects are pretty quick on the issuer.


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