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Mikhailova, Nelya - Stopping a frog’s heart



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Psychic Warfare (Threat or Illusion) By Martin Ebon

On March 10, 1970, Nina Kulagina used her mind power to stop the beat of a frog's heart.

The record of this experiment is in the form of a cardiogram, in the files of Professor Genady Sergeyev in Leningrad. The animal’s heart, separated from its body, had been placed in a container linked to a cardiograph.

While the tiny heart continued beating, Sergeyev recalls, Mrs. Kulagina used her "mind power" and "ordered the heart to stop." After she had concentrated on this thought for fifteen minutes, the heartbeat suddenly ceased. Efforts to re-stimulate the heart electrically were unsuccessful.

As Sergeyev interpreted the cardiogram, the heart seemed to experience a sudden flare-up of electrical activity; it stopped right afterward, and the recording resembled the impact of an electric shock.

When this story made the rounds, it was inevitably embellished. "If it is possible to stop a frog's heart by mind power," some people said, "it might well be possible to stop a human heart the same way, even within a living body."

But Kulagina had not, actually, killed a frog by sheer mind power. The separated heart would have stopped beating, eventually. Still, there was a correlation between Nina Kulagina's effort to make it stop, and the electrocardiogram's record of the suddenness and unusual circumstances under which it "died."

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Mikhailova, Nelya

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