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Kahuna - Morals and the Death Prayer



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The concept of sins was unknown in Polynesian society, especially the hugely convoluted theological edifice developed by our religions.  Instead there was one single rule
'Don't hurt'

Don't hurt your fellow man, your fellow creatures, the planet.  Don't hurt and don't hate.  For those more advanced down this path, the additional rule of 'loving service' was added

I have classified the death prayer as environmental influence as it effects the functions of a person, but there is also inter composer communication, as the issuer of the death prayer is communicating to the transgressor via their composer that the person should die for the offence

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The Secret Science Behind Miracles – Max Freedom Long

When the kahunas were at their best in Polynesia, they taught the people to live without hurting others.  Those who wilfully hurt others were considered worthy of death and were frequently punished with the death prayer.  It was the means of developing in Poynesia the most friendly and considerate people in the entire world [sic].  All the early explorers marvelled at this and mentioned it in their writings without exception.  It was the nearest approach to a Golden Age during the span of time covered by recorded history

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Dont hurt