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Madame Fraya – Prophesies the death of N Vaschide, a French psychologist, author of La Psychologie de la Main (Psychology of the hand)



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan

French study, La Psychologie de la Main (Psychology of the hand) by N. Vaschide, a French psychologist, tells a grim story all its own. One of Vaschide's most gifted subjects was a sensitive named Madame Fraya, who flourished around the turn of the century.

"Mme Fraya predicted to the author of this work during the winter of 1904 that he would die of pneumonia in his thirty-third year. The Countess de Noailles, who was present, Mme Fraya, and N. Vaschide himself confirmed this prediction, which, unhappily, came true October 13, 1907. A year before his death, a gipsy from Roumania told him in 1906 that he would die in the following year."

That footnote, supplied by Vaschide's widow, is far less smiling than Vaschide's own comments in his book:

"Formerly I used to smile when listening to the prophecies of fortune-tellers; but since I have studied these problems, I still smile at the conjectural predictions and naive affirmations of future events; nevertheless, I have verified the large amount of knowledge and psychological data that an organ so complex as the hand may furnish."

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