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Mutwa, Vusamazulu Credo - Sat helplessly in his hut bathed in pain and misery



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Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa – Zulu Shaman [Dreams, Prophecies and Mysteries]

 I suddenly found myself being swallowed up body and soul by my dreams and visions, by day as well as by night.  People spoke to me, telling me things I could not understand – people I did not know – people wearing skins, some of them wearing strange clothes of a type I'd never seen before, all during my waking hours as I sat helplessly in my hut bathed in pain and misery.  I began to become aware of the fact that I could see through people.  If a person appeared before me, if a person entered the hut in which I was, I could look through that person and actually hear his or her thoughts.

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Mutwa, Vusamazulu Credo

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Extreme emotion
Extreme pain