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Sacred sites and the FieldREG experiments



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My own personal opinion - for what it is worth - is that the very nature of the site and the expectations produced the necessary high [positive] emotion to affect the generator.  In days of old, similar sorts of effects were achieved by a combination of awe and terror.

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A description of the experience

FieldREG Measurements in Egypt: Resonant Consciousness in Sacred Sites

Roger D. Nelson
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544
Technical Note PEAR 97002


Over a two week period, various "sacred sites" in Egypt were visited by a group with interests in the spiritual qualities of the ancient temples, pyramids, and tombs. The group expected to engage in informal ceremonies including chanting and meditation, to pay respect to the sacred sites of the ancient Egyptians. A portable random event generator and palmtop computer were used to generate and record ongoing random sequences accompanied by time-stamped indexing and onsite notes. Preplanned hypotheses predicted anomalous deviations of the sequence during visits to the special places forming the core of the sacred sites, including the inner sanctum or Holy of Holies in the temples, and the interior chambers of the pyramids. A further prediction was made that coherence or resonance building activities of the group, including chanting and meditation in these special locations, would correlate with anomalous deviations. Both formal hypotheses were confirmed, with a combined associated probability of 2.7 X 10-6.

Graphs of the accumulated deviation in the chanting sites (see graph above) and in the casual presence sites (see graph below)

both show a strong anomalous effect correlated with the visit. Other categories of data were identified to provide context and to help distinguish the sources of the anomalous effects.

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