Some science behind the scenes

Sacred geography - pole

The pole takes its symbolism from the Celestial pole and is thus a very specific marker of spiritual experience as it indicates a place of 'ascent'.  

There is an interesting combination of symbolism that is created by the combination of the flag or pennant and the pole.

Pennants and flags symbolically represent spirit output and thus perceptions making their way to the spirit world.  In some contexts they specifically represent prayers and this is where the use of prayer flags arises in Buddhist cultures.

Thus a flag pole is to all intents and purposes a prayer pole - a means of sending your thoughts to the spiritual world.

Where the flag is up and flying at the top of the pole it means in a symbolic sense that you are home and spiritually active, that your thoughts are leaving from the crown chakra and winging their way to your spirit helpers.

Take the flag down and you are saying, no more thoughts today, no more prayers, no more communication.



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