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The Ancestors - Bryn Celli Ddu - The Henge



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BRYN CELLI DDU  - Norman Fahy – The Henge
At a distance of about 85ft SW of the centre was discovered tenuous evidence of an outer circle of stones such can be found at Newgrange. A pit 4’6“ deep lined with flat stones and containing charcoal was excavated,
As early as 1723, successive antiquarians remarked upon the gradual destruction of Bryn Celli. Two Hundred years elapsed before W.J, Hemp carried out restoration work; his investigations revealed the existence of an earlier structure (henge/stone circle) partially destroyed and covered by the megalithic cairn, the foundations of which were laid within the henge ditch.
Central to this circle existed a 5ft deep ritual pit.
The excavated condition of the stone circle suggests that its construction was ended prematurely and subsequently vandalized to create the later cairn. It is apparent that a geometric ground plan was being employed which links each stone/hole with an opposing member using a very precise centre point sited within the ritual pit at the position ‘W’ once marked by a post or stone.
The central axis created by extending a line from stone ‘h’ through 'W' and beyond, was adhered to by the cairn builders in that the chamber passageway runs in conformity with the line.


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