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Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza was part of the Ancient Egyptian Great Mystery site.  It was thus a fundamental part of the Mysteries

Heliopolis was the famous temple school in the city of On, used to prepare Initiates for the ceremonies.  A sacred way stretched from the foot of the plateau upon which rested the pyramids to link them with Heliopolis.  Both Heliopolis and Memphis 'looked to the Great Pyramid as their highest shrine of the Mysteries'.

The site was both symbolically laid out and also practically laid out in order that Initiates were symbolically enacting a 'heavenly journey', but in the process of passing each stage of the complex, were also gradually achieving enlightenment

The site at one time contained just about every physical thing that one could place in a landscape intended to be a Sacred geography.

  • Lake - with its water symbolism.  The Lake of Crocodiles 
  • Labyrinth - The Great Egyptian labyrinth attached to the Great Pyramid at Giza was of the complex type.  Known in some texts as the Shambles, it looks to have been a terrifying ordeal.  
  • The Great Pyramid itself - the Great Pyramid at Giza was an initiation centre - not a burial place as archaeologists seem to believe.  It was ideal, as the Mysteries made extensive use of Sensory deprivation as a method and various forms of Hypnosis.  There was in some cases also use of high emotion in the form of fear, or awe or terror!  Through a progression of stages like those I have shown for the spiritual path, candidates went through rebirth and then on to ecstasy, nirvana and annihilation and thus avoided reincarnation.
  • Sphinx -  before the initiate could enter the Pyramid, he had to pass and understand the symbolism of the sphinx
  • Guardians - there were numerous large statues acting as symbolic guardians of each stage
  • Obelisks - which had a symbolic role
  • Pylons - which were essentially Towers and in many cases Twin towers.


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