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Croiset, Gerard - Mr W P C van Dijk of Leiden and the case of the missing passport



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

The Hidden Passport

Mr. W. P. C. van Dijk of Leiden telephoned Professor Tenhaeff on March 1st , 1953, saying "I lost my passport.”

Realizing that this was a worrisome loss, the University of Utrecht parapsychologist referred him to his star paragnost.

After briefly hearing about it, Croiset quickly said, "Don't worry, your passport is in a folder which is cloudy grey. But I also see the colour pink. Your passport must be in an office or some kind of stock room."

"This information," Van Dijk later reported to Dr. Tenhaeff, "proved to be absolutely correct. My passport was found in our office where we store our business supplies. This office also serves as a stock room. We have many folders there in which we file our bills. These folders have a cloudy grey cover. On top of these grey folders were three pink files - all just as Mr. Croiset said. My passport must have fallen between these bills. This probably happened when I checked a bill from a folder which was lying open on top of my desk."

A clear example of telepathically reading a consultants mind about where he had dropped his passport.

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Croiset, Gerard

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