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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 31 Automatic drawing experiments



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The Researcher -  July 1973

One of the communicating artists is the Elizabethan miniaturist Isaac Oliver, and among others who 'come through' are Albrecht Durer, Thomas Bewick and Keble Martin.

Asked how he knew it was those artists, Matthew said: 'I empty my mind as completely as possible and in that state I think of the person I am trying to contact-sending all my energy out to this person who then writes or draws through my hand.'

Matthew himself claims no artistic ability yet the drawings which come through his hand are of a very high order. In the case of the Durer drawings, art experts describe them as 'Very much in his style'.

Asked if he could describe what extraordinary mental faculty he invoked to do the drawings, Matthew replied: 'I use what would be called kinetic energy associated, I think, with my subconscious. ..... I believe my subconscious plays a large part in it.'

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Manning, Matthew

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