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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Morel This child is musical and will have a brilliant musical career



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

In April, 1919, Mme Helene C- was with Mme Morel, who, speaking of her life, said to her:

"By you I see one of your children, a little girl who looks older than she is. This child is musical and will have a brilliant musical career. Her talent will develop marvellously; you will be astonished at it. She will pass an examination. I see her received into a great house, a special school. Later on she will play in public."

This little girl was then eight years old. Her parents were well-to-do, and were educating her like most children of her social class, giving her general instruction and having her taught music (piano). The child showed but moderate taste for it and no special aptitude. This continued till February, 1922.

On a change of teacher, the latent faculty, aided no doubt by better instruction, and also having matured, came out so strongly that the child in a few months made such unusual progress as to cause astonishment, and was considered so exceptional that, on the advice of the professor, her parents, despite their fortune, did not hesitate to place her in the Conservatoire, for which she is preparing brilliantly.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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