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Count of Eulenburg – 15 1915, October 4th



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The Bridge  over the River

I experienced something indescribably beautiful today. Great impressions that are hard to explain were transformed into intermingled sounds and colours. We understood the meaning of it at once, but for others here it was a riddle. These are pleasant sensations, which also test one's capacity to comprehend such impressions, since they demand strict concentration. I cannot explain to you to what extent the effects will become incarnated, because your concepts are inadequate for understanding it. Everything in our world is so totally distant from your logic, and from the premises human brains have concocted with the so-called sharp intellect. Only feelings and sentiments contribute to comprehension here.  You see it is a totally different conception to judge everything by the capacity of comprehending through higher feelings alone.

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Count of Eulenburg, Sigwart

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