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Croiset, Gerard - Finding the missing cow of the farmer from Wierdon



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Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

Cow in a Meadow

Croiset the Clairvoyant has traced a number of missing animals, especially when an economic aspect was involved. As a farm hand in adolescence himself, he realizes that the livelihood of a farmer depends wholly upon his animals, whereas, as he puts it, "A dog or cat is just for fun."

- On November 15, 1961, a Wierdon farmer telephoned Croiset, reporting that one of his cows was missing. Because many cattle thefts had occurred in the neighbourhood at that time he asked, "Was my cow stolen?"

Croiset had some strong impressions and correctly described the farm where the cow was, its house and meadows, remarking, "The cow will be found in a meadow about a hundred meters from the road. I see a farm, in a north-northeastern direction, about two kilometers from this meadow.  The farm was built about 1910. There is a bull and there is the cow."

The farmer went to the local police officer who knew of Croiset's powers, and told them what the paragnost had said.

Police took measurements on a map and quickly located the farm. But they found no sign of the cow in a meadow. A policeman asked the owner of the farm, "In any of your meadows is there a cow which doesn't belong to you?"

The farmer answered, "Yes. Some weeks ago, a cow came here to my bull. It was a terrible dry summer and the cow looked so poor that I decided to keep it awhile. Let's go look in the meadow."

A short walk and the missing cow was found mooing contentedly in the farmer's meadow exactly a hundred meters from the road.

An easy case for Gerard Croiset. And he earned the genuine gratitude of the farmer whose cow was in another meadow where the clairvoyant had pictured it.

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Croiset, Gerard

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