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Thomas, John F - Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival – Sitting with the medium Mrs Soule



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Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival – John F Thomas

13. Control: Now the lady,
 (1) very vivacious,
 (2) very jolly, comes very close to you. She is-how you say? rather vivacious, or was before the passing out. I should think she was, too, attractive.
(3) There is something rather soft in the timbre of the voice. I am impressed by that. I don't think that it is in the singing voice; I think it is in the speaking voice. Nothing high pitched.
(4) You would not call this lady tall; of the average but a
 (5) little roundness without being full. Yes, you would understand how I put this to you.
 (6) She does show to me, please trouble in this part of the body. I don't know if that would have anything to do with operation, please, but I think so, and I feel she is showing to me and giving me condition of tiredness. I do feel too there must have been some condition attaching to the lungs because I get a great tiredness coming to the chest and a difficulty to breathe, but most of all I do feel this internal condition and a thought of operation.
 (7) She has not been out of the body long and she stands
(8) very close to you.
 (9) You would not call her dark but there is a tending towards that. Again I am impressed by her hair.
(10) The hair seems to have lights in it in spite of the color and it is rather soft.
 (11) One time she wore it like a halo high round the face, but I do not see it like that at the passing out.
 (12) The face is clear, the complexion clear.
(13) High forehead.
 (14) Well marked nose and sensitive.
(15) Eyes seem to be of the blue-gray or hazel; the eyes are very beautiful. A little full there.
 (16) Well marked cheek bones. I get no color
(17) but at one time she had,
 (18) and that part of the face is drawn down too.
(19) Charmingly marked mouth.
 (20) It drooped a little there but she had had a, very bad time.
 (21) Indenture
 (22) and well you wouldn't call it strong chin; it has very good line. I see that lady; she stands particularly close to you.

Note: I asked Mrs. T.'s sister, Ruth, to classify the twenty-two points marked in this quotation. The result is as follows: Correct, 21; partly correct, none; unknown, none; wrong, one. We are both especially impressed by the knowledge shown in the accurate statements about the voice point 3; the hair, points l0 and 11 ; and the features, points 12 to 14 and 16 to 22…….

18. Control: You have a watch belonging to this lady? She tells me that.

Note: This is correct.

19. Control: I get the impression that she stands exquisitely close to you. She will be glad to take you home. I rather fancy, too, before we go home, so she is giving to me, until she guides you past that big mound you cannot reach home. It is almost as if I see some kind of temple erected, something so intensely high. It may be symbolic to you, but I cannot get you home until we pass this temple or shrine. I see some figure on the top of this temple or shrine, and until she gets you past that she doesn't feel she is getting you home. Can you understand that, please, or is it symbolic?

(Yes, I think I understand that.)

As soon as she gets to that, it is well. When we get you past that we are well on the way home.

Note: My intention in London was to hold sittings with Mrs. Soule, in Boston, on my way home to Detroit. There may be a far off attempt to indicate the location of Mrs. Soule's home. What the reference runs into is quite obvious.


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Thomas, Dr John F

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