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Grisi, Giulia – The death of the opera singer Giulia Grisi



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as quoted in Ernesto Bozzano - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death [110 cases suggesting survival after death]

This case is extracted from the book A Memoir of Mario, MM. Godfrey Pearce and Frank Hird. It relates to the death of Mrs. Julie Grisi, the famous prima donna.

In the spring of 1869, Mrs. Julie Grisi had a strange vision: she saw the ghost of her daughter Bella appearing on her pillow, who died as a child in Brighton in 1861. The ghost announced that they would soon be reunited forever.

The tenor Mario did his best to divert the mind of Grisi from the state of depression in which she had fallen; but it was in vain. She was convinced of the reality of the vision and, therefore, of its impending end ...

The great cantatrice died on November 3, 1869. The last word she pronounced was the name of her dead child. She had suddenly risen up, stretched her arms as if to obtain an invisible person, and whispered, "Bella!" And fell back on his pillows, breathing his last breath. (pages 270-274 from quoted book.)

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Grisi, Giulia

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