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McMoneagle, Joe - Remote views the Abrams XM-1 heavy tank



Type of Spiritual Experience


Joe’s remote viewing skills were attained via the most horrendous process of inexorable cumulative attrition – war from which psychological trauma resulted, physical abuse, attempted poisoning with a near death, extreme unhappiness from failing marriages and so on.  There may also have been some contribution from the damage done by his being premature.  He gradually also acquired an extremely poorly heart and suffered numerous heart attacks, having to undergo surgery more than once.

I think that on this occasion there was inter composer communication taking place – this was not an out of body.  The photos had been taken by someone who put them in the envelope [thus handled them] that Joe used and this provided the needed bridge.

A description of the experience

from The Stargate Chronicles

… I relaxed back onto the worn leather couch and prepared by closing my eyes and trying to relax, emptying my mind. I'd come a long way in just seven months and I would do what I could. I tried to forget about the building completely and challenged myself with opening only to the target of interest. That's all they really wanted to know about, I kept telling myself, so that's all that I would concern myself with.

After twenty minutes or so, I brought myself out of a deep place of meditation and slowly opened my mind. The first thing I saw in my mind's eye was what looked like a short stubby periscope-type device with some form of optical view-port. I began to sketch and describe it in as much detail as possible. Soon what looked liked two layers of a vehicle interior appeared with what appeared to be armored seats. There was some kind of a hardened military-type computer built in with a modified keyboard, which I also tried to draw. Eventually I began to have images of what appeared to be very large bullets or shells lying on their sides (indicative of an automatic loader), all following some kind of a curved track. They disappeared to the rear of the seats. I continued drawing what I was seeing in my head, one element sort of leading to the next, not really knowing exactly what it was that I was presenting.

Eventually the information signal line dried up and I had to quit. I sort of sat there in a daze, feeling completely drained of energy.

I looked at my drawing and laughed out loud. "That sure doesn't look like any airplane I've ever seen," I remarked. Fred agreed but didn't seem disappointed with me. By this time, he was becoming a pretty good judge of when I was in contact with a target location and when I wasn't.

Many weeks later I found what had gone on. The Army was getting ready to field its new heavy tank, the Abrams XM-1. Back then, there were only prototypes in existence and few were allowed access to them. They had parked one inside an aircraft hangar and surrounded the hangar with airplanes as a test to see how much of an effect front-loading might have on a remote viewer.

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McMoneagle, Joe

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