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A P Elkin - Aboriginal men of high degree - You talked to me and I felt it. How did you talk so



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From Aboriginal Men of High degree - A P Elkin

Here is one case/ given in free translation:

When a man is down on the plain and I am on the hill, I look towards him while I am talking. He sees me and turns toward me. I say, "Do you hear?" I move my head from side to side glaring at him, and at last stare at him, and then, turning, I say, "Come on quickly." As I stare at him fixedly, I see him turn as he feels my stare. He then turns and looks about while I continue staring at him. So I say, "Walk this way, right along here, where I am sitting."

Then he walks right up to me where I am sitting behind a bush. I draw him with my power (miwi). You do not see any hand-signs or hear any shouting. At last he comes up and nearly falls over me. I call out so that he will see me. He says: "You talked to me and I felt it. How did you talk so?" I explain, and he adds: "l felt your words while you were talking to me, and then I feel that you are there." I answer. "True, it was in that way that I talked to you, and you felt those words and also that power."

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