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Stainton-Moses, William - Spirit Identity - USING AUTOMATIC WRITING



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Spirit Identity – William Stainton Moses

The automatic writing, which has brought to me the greatest weight of evidence, has been, in very many cases, executed whilst I was occupied in reading a book, sometimes of  a very abstruse character.

The … case I will [describe] of this type was that of a person of whom no one present had even heard.  The spirit was one lately departed.  He had been brought, for purposes of evidence, by the spirit who controlled the circle and whose organised plan for presenting once for all evidence that should break down my unbelief I am now imperfectly recounting.  He gave minute facts and dates as to his life and went his way.

We had some difficulty in verifying the facts, but finally succeeded in doing so by a letter from his nearest surviving relative.


Professor Ernest Bozzano Les phénomènes de bilocation Traduit de l’italien par Gabriel Gobron and translated further into English by Serge Patlavskiy]

Posthumous works: Spirit Teachings, in Light, 1889, p. 559. - Italian edition. Insegnamenti Spiritici, 2nd series, p. 278, Edit. Dante, Citta délia Pieve

William Stainton Moses tells how, at one time, he felt irresistibly compelled to write automatically, something that hadn't happened to him in months. He sat at the table and asked:

"I am compelled to write. So which one of my friends is here? What does he want?"

It was dictated:

"Hi, Friend! May God's blessing be with you! We want to talk to you about a matter of great importance, and to do so in conditions of safe transmission, this time we will open your inner senses and close your bodily senses to any influence so that you remain separate from the world. Under these conditions, it will be easy for us to use your body to transmit our thoughts, and at the same time, you will be able to have a face-to-face conversation with us. Be passive and don't ask for anything else."

Immediately he obtained the announced communication, which is not important to report here. This is the conditions under which it was obtained. Moses writes:

"During the message being dictated, my mind had separated from the body, so I would remotely examine my writing hand. The importance of the facts is such that it requires a careful and attentive explanation of what happened.

"It was 2:30 at night, and I was alone in my room. Suddenly I felt a desire to write in a mediumenical way, something that hadn't happened to me for more than two months. I sat at the table, and the first part of the message was dictated to me immediately. After that, I probably went into a state of "trance." The first thing I remember was seeing myself in a "spirit" near my body as I sat in front of the table, with my quill between my fingers and my hand on the paper. Observing everything with immense amazement, I noticed that my body was united to the mind by a fine and luminous filament, and that the material objects seemed to be shadows while the participating spirits appeared solid and real.

There was "Rector" behind my body holding one hand on my head and the other covering my right hand which held the pen. At some distance, there was "Imperator" with some of the spirits who had been communicating with me for a long time, and then other spirits I didn't know and who were circling around, carefully observing the scene. From the ceiling, or rather through the ceiling, there was an infinitely soft luminosity, and at intervals the blue rays darted my body: Every time this happened, I saw my body shuddering and trembling; it was a way of saturating and refreshing the body itself. I also observed that the daylight was diluted, that the window appeared dark, and that the brightness that allowed me to see was of spiritual origin...

"Imperator" explained that I was attending a real scene, which was offered to me to teach me how to operate spirits. I saw "Rector" busy writing, but it didn't happen the way I imagined, that is, by guiding my hand and impressing my mind, but by projecting a blue ray on the pen. And the force thus projected caused the movement of the pen, which obeyed the will of the guiding spirit. In order to prove to me that the hand was only a simple instrument, not essential to the goal, the pen was removed from my hand, and it remained in the same position by the effect of the light beam projected on it. To my great surprise, it continued to move on the paper, writing on its own. The amazement tore off a kind of scream, but I was immediately warned that I had to remain calm so as not to disturb the formation of the phenomena. The result was that most of the message obtained was indeed written without the use of human hands and without any intervention of my mind and spirit. I was told that it was not easy to write in this way, without the help of the human organism, and that the orthography of the words written under such conditions would be incorrect. I realized, indeed, that this was the case for the part of the message obtained in this way...

After a while, I was ordered to return to my body and immediately write down everything I had seen. I can't remember at which point it happened, I guess my mind went back to the state of "trance."

As I write these notes, I only feel a slight headache. I am absolutely sure of what happened, I transcribed it slowly, exactly, without any exaggeration. I may have omitted some details, but I have not altered or added anything."

After writing this, Moses asks the following question of the guiding spirit:

"I want to know if everything I saw is real or if I was the victim of an illusion."

It was dictated:

"What you wrote is the truth: Everything happened as you described it. We want to teach you that matter is nothing, that spirit is everything. Try to learn from the lesson.... We can't add anything further at this time: Have a good time.".

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Stainton-moses, William

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