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Madam Home - D D Home his life his mission - Testimony of Mrs Hennings



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Madam Home - D D Home his life his mission

Seance of October 26th , 1862. Present, Mrs. Jencken senior, Mrs. Hennings, and Mr. Percival. The second of the séances especially addressed to me, for the purpose of establishing the identity of communicant spirit friends. The following circumstances occurred:

D. D. Home fell into the trance state; and after giving a few words to each of the party from, or relating to, departed spirit friends, drew a chair close to me, took both my hands in his, and addressed me in the following words:

'The night before your father passed away, you played whist with him. When it was his turn to play, he hesitated, and looked upwards with a smile, as if entranced - that was the first glimpse he had of the spirit sphere. With the dawn, he passed away without pain.

'He had previously communicated with Mr. Hennings, who told him "that he had taken care of Mary," in consequence of which your father left you but little in comparison with the others. Now, through me, he wishes to assure you this did not arise from any want of affection, but only from a misapprehension of the state of affairs.'

Home then returned to his former seat; but, looking across the room, his face became radiant with smiles, as he repeated:

'He is so pleased so pleased.'

Mr. Home had never seen my father, nor heard anything about him; and most wonderful to me was this detail of such long-past events, known only to myself.
M. Hennings.

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Home, D. D.

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