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Russell Brand on the death of his beloved cat Morrissey



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My cat has died - from a transcript of a youtube video by Russell Brand


“With your pets in the wordlessness, there is a different kind of love, a deeper kind of connection ……in that perfect silence with an animal is a connection to, I would argue, something deeper. 
The pet is totemic … a representation of our connection to nature and Morrissey became the god of myself, the god of my self-realization ….. who I am, to become sacred, to have some ordained connection, something deeper, something in nature.

And when he died I howled,  I felt a cry come out of me I heard my own crying from inside my head and I’ve never heard that before now, heard myself cry as a man, and like anyone I've been through tragedy and challenge and heartbreak and loss but this noise this noise that came out of me shocked me - the catharsis, the pain of it .

[Through him I learnt]  Who I am and a significant part of that was not just his catalytic presence, but what I learned from care for him…………..I noticed that what they give you is … connectivity to the sacred -  the neglected and forgotten sacred.

And you might think wow, this is a long eulogy for a cat,  but to me he was more than that.  What is love other than an acknowledgment of oneness, an acknowledgment of Union.  I feel for you as I would feel for me.  I don't want anything bad to happen to you, I want to protect you, I'm prepared to give up something of mine in order that you succeed.   I heard the only demonstration of love is sacrifice , all else is but affection ….. and  through that love there is connection, there is interconnectivity and through the pain of the loss a deeper kind of a connection a sort of solidifying of our family ……. you are able in your own way to find what's sacred in it and through the sacred discover that there is a oneness that underscores our lives and in my view is the crucible of all creation.

So there is never an ending or a separation , merely new notes are played in the great ongoing symphony of existence in which we all play our parts “

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