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McMoneagle, Joe - Meets a spirit helper



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This observation is fascinating because it shows that when one meets a spirit helper, the composer can create a life like impression for you.

Karanja must have gone out of body to achieve this.


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 The Stargate chronicles - Joe McMoneagle

Well, on the third day of Gateway, we were half way into the third tape of the day, when I suddenly felt as though someone had crawled into my CHEC unit (that's a Controlled Holistic Environmental Chamber), and sat down on my knees.

I opened my eyes, pulled off the headset to yell at them, and noticed that it was a woman I'd never met, and not a participant in the Seminar. She was from India, and appeared to be middle-aged. She had a small, painted dot berween her eyes, gray streaks through her hair, and was on the pudgy side, wearing native Indian clothing. She wore no shoes, but was wearing decorative items around her ankles and arms. She looked strangely familiar, although I was sure that I had never met her. I pulled my legs back out of the way and asked her what she was doing. She said she was there to talk. I said I didn't know her, at which point she sort of winked and waved her hand-and I had a sudden and instant recall of having met her before.

This wasn't a suggestion, or a totally new experience; it was just as if I suddenly recalled our previous meeting. It had happened when I fell asleep in the orange grove. As I had been falling asleep, she had suddenly appeared and took my hand and led me to a place that was rose colored and had a place for us to sit. There she had introduced herself and we had talked all about what I was going to do with my life.

She smiled at the look on my face, and of course I went into shock and could not respond at all. To suddenly have instant recall about having planned out your life-the good, the bad, and the ugly-was a bit overwhelming. I told her I couldn't remember her name, which she then laughingly told me.
"Karanja! My name is Karanja."
Her name appeared in my head as she said it. I saw it with funny markings over the n as well as between the r and the a. I wrote it down in my journal later so that I wouldn't forget it.
So, I said, "Okay, Karanja. Why are you here?"
To which she responded, laughingly, 'Just to talk."
'And . . . this time, I get to remember what we talk about?" I tentatively asked.
She waved her hand and I awoke at the end of the tape.

I didn't know what to make of the experience. It totally overwhelmed me. I asked the guy sharing the room with me if he had heard us talking and he said no.

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McMoneagle, Joe

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