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Schiller, Lori - 'You must die, bitch!' they shrieked 'Die! Die! Die!'



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


Using language so souls and not spirits, but the voice could come from a bodied or disembodied soul

A description of the experience

From The Quiet Room – Lori Schiller and Amanda Bennett

On the surface, things seemed great.  Underneath though, they were beginning to come apart.  The Voices were coming louder and faster, startling me with their surprise visits to my brain.  Only I didn't know they were in my brain.  I heard them coming at me from the outside, as real as the sound of the telephone ringing

They popped up when I least expected them.  Occasionally they were friendly, but mostly they reviled me, shouting in their hoarse, harsh tones.

'You must die, bitch!' they shrieked

'Die! Die! Die!'

They filled me with anxiety.  I'd turn round thinking somebody was in back of me, and no one would be there.  On several occasions I tried beating through the bushes to flush out what ever or whoever it was that was taunting me.  Of course I was a bloody fisted loser every time.

The source of the experience

Schiller, Lori

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