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Wilkins, Sir Hubert - January 27th 1938



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Thoughts through Space – Sir Hubert Wilkins and Harold M Sherman

On January 27th, Sherman wrote, "Have impression attempted take-off around February 11th – marred by incident which will occasion further delay – again I write this as though impelled, and tuning in momentarily on future condition. Crankcase of plane comes to me suddenly-did something go wrong with it due to cold?"

It was actually on February 5th that something did happen which prevented our take-off on the February 11th moonlit period. The main bearing on the engine crankcase was ground to powder-a condition resulting, no doubt, from the accident to the propeller tip on January 15th, but about which none of us knew until we were warming up the engine on February 6th!

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Wilkins, Sir Hubert and Sherman, Harold

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