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Father N, parish priest of O--, in Moravia sees his dead niece



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Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


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Death and its Mystery: After Death – Camille Flammarion

Father N-, parish priest of O--, in Moravia, had a niece whom he particularly loved; she had lived for some time at his home. When they parted, the priest said to her, jestingly: “Well if you die before I do, let me know."

 It happened that some time afterward this niece fell ill of a severe malady. A fatal outcome, however, was not expected. One day, Father N-, quite overwhelmed, went to the young priest who was his assistant and told him that while he was quietly seated at his desk a short time before, and was, consequently, thoroughly awake, he had seen his niece appear before him, and that she had said good-bye to him.

He had recognized her at once and was convinced that she had died.

The news which he received confirmed this supposition, and the time of her death coincided with the day and the hour of the apparition. I am giving you the names in the case, as well as my own name because I, too, detest anonymity, and I wish you to know that there is here no mystification.

However, you will, I am sure, take into account my wish, prompted by the regard due others, that in case you publish this account, the names be omitted. Allow me, dear Master, to express my high regard for you.


(Letter 964.)

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