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Messing, Wolf - How Wolf Messing met Tatiana Lungin



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We personally thinki it is pushing it a bit to call this a prophecy, but it is an interesting correct prediction nonetheless

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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain – Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

In the stately lobby of a Moscow hotel, an eighteen-year-old actress, the pride of her school's drama club, was enthusiastically telling the stranger sitting next to her about her big break. She was waiting for a director, he'd cast her in a movie, it was filming in Central Asia and . . . The girl bubbled on to the middle-aged stranger with rather disheveled hair and a heavy German accent. Suddenly he grimaced like a man feeling a stab of acute pain.

"No!" he cut her off. "None of that will be. Not the film. Not the trip. Nothing. For a long time!'

Within a week the aspiring ingenue, Tatiana Lungin, understood Wolf Messing's prophecy. Hitler's forces blasted across the border and her career died. Before their paths crossed again, Tatiana had become a doctor and served in nightmare circumstances at the front. After the war, she became a photojournalist. On assignment in Tblisi, she went to one of Messing's shows. He remembered her!

Strolling around town with Messing, Tatiana, just like the Russians we met, worried that this mysterious man might peek into her thoughts. "To keep him out, I decided to mentally sing a bit of childhood doggerel -'The priest had a dog, the priest loved his dog . . . '

After ten minutes, Messing stopped in his tracks, stared me in the eye and said, 'Aren't you tired of singing about that idiotic priest and his insolent dog?' "

Ever after that, in a close friendship that lasted the rest of Messing's life, Lungin always felt calm in the great psychic's presence.

They were an odd duo, a war-wounded single mother struggling to make it as a journalist and the great Messing-who'd lain in suspended animation in a crystal coffin in Berlin, who'd had a price put on his head by Hitler himself, who'd been tested by Freud, Einstein, Gandhi-and Stalin. Yet, they celebrated holidays together. They worried over Tatiana's sons and played with Wolf's dogs. And in the long Moscow evenings over tea and his everpresent cigarettes, Messing began to tell her the story of his life.

Tatiana's notes became the basis of Messing's autobiography, About Myself, and decades later, of her valuable biography Wolf Messing.

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Messing, Wolf

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