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Clark, Fay Marvin – Into the Light – Should my guide of that evening again appear and say come, I would follow him willingly and unafraid



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Into the Light – Fay Marvin Clark

Cozumel had about three thousand residents all living in San Miguel, its only city. The rest of the island consists of unpopulated and undeveloped jungle, with the exception of two tiny settlements (having a combined population of possibly forty persons), located near the south lighthouse. There were two modern hotels as well as several smaller cabana hotels, and we found the accommodations excellent.

Adeline and I stayed at the older of the two hotels, and we were told that the section we stayed in had been an old Spanish jail.

The first night in our small cell-like room, I had a most unusual experience. I was sitting on one of the two cots in the room, talking with Adeline about our plans for the next day, when everything just faded out - my wife, the room, everything!

It seemed as though I was standing some distance back from a beach. There were tropical trees, and I found myself facing a light brown-skinned individual. I seemed to sense that I had met him somewhere before, and I had no feeling of fear.

He asked, "Will you come with me?" I told him mentally that I would.

I followed him southward a short distance to a group of people seated in a circle. Apparently the one who brought me was not the leader, but I felt that he held a certain amount of authority.

My guide directed me to the one who appeared to be the leader and said:  “I did not bring him. By his own will he came.  Therefore, I insist that he has the right to return. He will come again when the time is right."

There followed a period of silence during which I felt they were mentally considering the request of my guide. The next thing I remembered, I was back, sitting on the edge of my cot.

I was completely overwhelmed by the experience; and, of course, I immediately related it to Adeline, who said, "l wondered if something was wrong, as you stopped talking in the middle of a sentence and sat there as though you were listening for something."

I do not know the full meaning of that experience, but I do know that it was one of the most deeply moving psychic adventures I have ever had. As the years pass, my memory of that experience on the beautiful Island of Cozumel remains as clear as it was that evening in 1956. Each day I am grateful for the feeling that, should my guide of that evening again appear and say come, I would follow him willingly and unafraid.

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Clark, Fay Marvin

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